USATODAY names “Medical Tourism” 9th popular trend for 2010! released an article today stating they believe that Medical Tourism will be one of the top 10 travel trends for the year 2010. We couldn’t agree more! With the increasingly more & more popular industry that Medical Tourism has become, we can’t wait to see what else 2010 has in store for us! Considering that Medical Tourism Connection is the first site of its kind for Medical Tourism, we think it’ll be a good year.

Please read the snippet about Medical Tourism from below & visit the following link to read the entire article!:
9. Healthy outlook for medical tourism

As Washington lawmakers continue to grapple with health-care reform, more Americans — an estimated 1.6 million by 2012, according to Deloitte Center for Health Solutions — will combine foreign vacations with carpal tunnel surgery, dental crowns and other short-stay, outpatient procedures that cost 30%-70% less than U.S. prices. Driving the trend: more coverage of overseas medical care by major U.S. insurers, an increase in individual insurance policies that typically carry a high deductible, and a marketing push by companies that combine travel and medical services.”



One Response to USATODAY names “Medical Tourism” 9th popular trend for 2010!

  1. Neil Fettig says:

    When it comes to healthcare, wellness, affordability and access people are willing to use medical tourism (global healthcare) to get it. The ease of accessing healthcare without having it prescribed by the insurance company is astonishing. No waiting to see if you will be approved by a “plan” or complex algorithm which determines if you are a 20%/50%/80% or a 40%/60%/20% or a 0%.
    Healthcare is changing.

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