Facility of the month: CIMA Monterrey

CIMA Monterrey of Monterrey, Mexico is known as one of the top hospitals in Mexico today not only for its premier service and quality. It is a Joint Commission International certified level 3 acute care center as recognized by the Mexican Ministry of Health.

CIMA Monterrey is a 70 bed, 80 doctor, facility that offers anything from general check-ups, orthopedics, ICU, all the way up to transplants. CIMA Monterrey employs the BEST board-certified surgeons and physicians. CIMA Monterrey uses the latest diagnostic and treatment tools to ensure it stays up to date in the modern medical industry. With continuously upgraded equipment, such as ultrasound machines, MRI systems, and CT scanners, CIMA Monterrey ensures the overall quality of procedures. In most cases a patient can schedule an appointment, go to the appointment, and receive results all within 72 hours. Furthermore, the results are delivered directly to the patient, even in the United States! CIMA Monterrey is associated with some United States facilities such as the Mayo Clinic and Children’s Hospitals. CIMA Monterrey has a large portion of English speaking staff as well.

CIMA Monterrey is equally pleasing to visit as a guest or a patient. CIMA Monterrey was Built in 1996 with the patient in mind; The facility features standards on patient care beyond that required in The United States. The patient can rest assured that they will be well taken care of. Each room is private, spacious, includes a phone, free WiFi, and food services for the patient. In addition, they offer arrangement services, transportation services, accommodations, as well as food services for each visiting guest. Located in the beautifully cultured part of Monterrey, Mexico, San Pedro Garza Garcia, CIMA Monterrey is sure to give any visitor a cheerful stay.


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