Doctors in the U.S. are Decreasing

In the United States, there are not enough medical physicians. The reason why? There are more people with insurance than doctors to treat them. This creates a problem when Americans can’t use their insurance because there is a shortage of doctors. Safyer, New York hospital’s CEO, believes there will be a “shortage” in physicians when “you give millions more people[Americans] insurance” (Wechsler, 2009).

Ed Salsberg, director at the medical college Center for Workforce Studies in Washington, is convinced the United States will face a diminishing of doctors by more than 159,000 when we reach the year 2025. What are the colleges doing about this? They are adding more seats to their classrooms. But how long does it take to actually bring forth exceptional doctors? The CEO of BJC HealthCare, Steven Lipstein, says “it takes years to produce doctors” (Wechsler, 2009).

What will happen with this overflow of patients?  They will be seeking healthcare from other countries, creating a big advantage for the facilities in those countries. Medical Tourism connection gives facilities the ability to take advantage of this overflow of patients in the United States.  Patients in the U.S. are starting to travel abroad instead of waiting on a procedure they need. Medical Tourism Connection invites your facility to join us in offering global healthcare.

For more information about Medical Tourism Connection, please visit our website at or for more information about enrolling your facility e-mail us at There is no enrollment fee, and you will never pay us for a patient referral. Medical Tourism Connection works for you!

“You Have A Patient Waiting”


Woodman, Josef. Patients Beyond Borders. 2009.


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