Rikota Dental Center

If you are in the market for top-quality dental care, Rikota is your one stop shop. Located less than 20 minutes from the Lviv International Airport, in Lviv Ukraine, Rikota is convenient to all visiting the country for healthcare.

Rikota Dental Centre was founded in 1990 by Dr. Yuriy Rikota, making it the first private dental practice in Ukraine. Since its open, Rikota Dental has been known for completing top quality dental work including implants, aesthetic dentistry, veneers, crowns, bleaching and whitening, invisible braces, as well as standard dental and hygiene check-ups. They are also known for their staff who are described as being caring, dedicated, compassionate, and having the proper expertise in not only making you feel healthier, but also creating and preserving your perfect smile.

Rikota Dental Centre strives to give its customers the most comfortable environment possible. Their staff realized you may already be uncomfortable upon arrival given the circumstances of travel and procedure. Rikota has done a good job creating an ambient environment giving patients fresh flowers, installing genuine works of art throughout, comfortable patient rooms with ambient lighting, as well as lavish waiting areas with plenty of entertainment. Each welcoming treatment room also features its very own decorating theme, individual heating and air, as well as state-of-the-art dental chairs which also feature convenient LCD screens attached for the intra oral camera systems giving you full view of what tasks the doctor is performing.

The perceived quality doesn’t stop there. Rikota Dental Centre holds high standards throughout the facility for sanitation and quality dental treatment. They claim to provide the best quality dental treatments when compared to the United Kingdom, Ireland, & other nearby European countries. In addition to providing quality healthcare, Rikota fully guarantees all their work using certified materials approved in countries like Germany, Switzerland, Italy, & the United States.

After visiting an outstanding facility like Rikota Dental Centre to obtain that perfect smile, you are sure to come home happy. Whether you visit for general maintenance or a serious procedure, you can rest assured that you are in some of the best hands in the industry.


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