Considering Knee or Hip Replacement?

Many advancements have been made over the last decade in healthcare.  At every advancement there is a doctor and in the realm of knee replacements Dr. Venkatachalam (Venkat) is at the forefront of these advances.  Dr. Venkat specializes in Orthopedics obtaining his MS in Orthopedics from The Central Institute of Orthopedics at Safdarjang hospital, New Delhi.  He gained extensive training at some of the best hospitals in the UK including Alderhey Hospital, Addenbrooke’s Hospital and Royal Liverpool Hospital. Dr. Venkat was the second in the world to conduct a Twitter cast of a Joint replacement procedure and the first to do so from India. To read more about the Twitter cast click here. Medical Tourism Connection is proud to have Dr. A.K. Venkatachalam and Madras Joint Replacement Center with us.  You can view their profiles here.
Dr. Venkatachalam
Dr. Venkat specializes in knee, hip, and shoulder surgeries.  As a doctor that understands patients needs he has pioneered flexible knee replacements including the Journey Oxinium knee.  You can find a great article on Dr. Venkat and the Journey Oxinium knee here.
If Dr. Venkat’s credentials are not enough you can find testimonials to his professionalism, compassion, and excellent work all over the world wide web.
Knee Replacement Testimonials
Knee Replacement Testimonial
All Surgeries Testimonials
If you are looking for pain relief in your hips, Dr. Venkat has perfected hip resurfacing, a great alternative to hip replacement for many.  Hip resurfacing has many advantages such as:
  • Suitable for young patients
  • Long lasting
  • Minimally invasive to bone
  • Cost effective
  • Faster recovery vs THR.
  • Easier to revise to THR as bone is preserved
  • Allows normal range of movement
  • Least incidence of dislocation
  • Least incidence of loosening as plastic is not used
The Madras Joint Replacement Center located in Chennai India caters to all types of patients.  The state-of-the-art operating theater is equipped with HEPA filters that boast a 99.99% efficiency to eliminate infections.  Medical Tourism Connection is proud to be able to offer excellent facilities such as Madras Joint Replacement Center with the most highly esteemed doctors such as Dr. Venkat.  For more information on medical tourism please visit our website at
Disclaimer** Please note that Medical Tourism Connection does not provide medical advice and all information provided is for general information purposes only.  Medical Tourism Connection assumes no responsibility for information contained on this website and disclaims all liability in respect to such information.

3 Responses to Considering Knee or Hip Replacement?

  1. Darry says:

    I have traveled for medical treatment in the past. recently I learned that I will need a hip replacement due to DJD. I have an insurance policy purchased by my current employer and they only cover 15000! Unbelievable! I will travel again today finding that it may turn out to be my only option.

  2. Thank you for providing these useful info.

    Best wishes.

  3. Bobbi says:

    Cure of tendon injuries is essentially practical. Using non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications coupled with Physical Therapy, rest, orthotics or braces, and moderate return to workout is a common therapy. An acronym used to list the remedial treatments in fixing tendinitis is “RICE”: Rest, Ice, Compress, and Elevate. Resting assists in the prevention of further injury to the tendon. Ice is effective at soothing pain, restricting too much swelling, and stimulating blood circulation after the fact. Compression and elevation both perform similarly to ice in their ability to restrict excessive, unnecessary inflammation.Initial recovery is commonly within 2 to 3 days and full recuperation is within 4 to 6 week.Visit my site to learn more about shoulder tendonitis treatment

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