The International Patient Series

As part of Medical Tourism Connection’s pledge to the betterment of services and the advancement of the global healthcare industry, we are publishing the answers to many of the questions asked to us by medical facilities and providers on a daily basis.

The educational material provided in our newsletter is a great way to obtain answers to the questions medical facilities that have, or will make, the decision to join the global healthcare industry.

It is our hope that by providing meaningful and useful knowledge, in an open way, it will assist the current facilities, future facilities and providers of the global healthcare industry in achieving the ultimate goal of helping the global healthcare patient.  This goal, our goal of providing support, encouragement and nurturing to the industry is the same as yours; reach out to the patients in need of quality healthcare service and provide a reliable and accessible path to quality care.

The following questions are previews to some of the topics that you can look forward to being addressed in our upcoming facility newsletters.

Are you keeping U.S. patients from choosing your facility?

What a U.S. Patient really thinks when they hear about treatment is available outside the U.S.?

How do you reach the U.S. market? Big or small, from so far away, how can you be seen?

Do all U.S. patients need healthcare? Maybe?

As a facility outside of the U.S. do you really want to take U.S. insurance?

How much will it cost to start a medical tourism department?  Should I spend hundreds, thousands or millions of dollars?

Who are the big players and who are the small players?  Are the big players capturing all of the U.S. market?

What role does a U.S. based customer service department play in accessing U.S. patients?

Can facilitators be useful to patient care if they are not in the same country?

What does a U.S. patient consider real savings, is it the % of cost only, or is it the extra care and recovery?

Patient testimonial – Do you need a patient to say you are providing quality care?  Who does the patient really believe?

Doctor VS. Hospital.  Who are the patients really going to see?

To Tour, or not to Tour? What would Shakespeare say? Is it necessary to show a patient a good time or just the best care?

Websites and Software and their place in healthcare, are they your great communicator or is it just expected as part of the global experience. Computers, it’s too late to turn back now!

What is medical tourism?  Is it really a billion dollar Industry?  Where does idea end and industry begin?

Who is a potential patient and who is wasting your time?

Can another company be successful when representing my services?  What if I don’t approve of the way they represent me?

Should I enter the medical tourism market?  Is my facility ready?  Will I need expensive software and the support U.S. customer service to be successful?

Medical Tourism or Global Healthcare what’s in a name?

Cosmetic, Cosmetic, Cosmetic is it only skin deep?

What savings is enough savings, 20% 30% 50%, what does the U.S. patient really want to save?

Medical Tourism Connection wants you to succeed!  If we are able to bring you information you can use to increase or create your medical tourism department patient count, then we feel like we are accomplishing what we have set out to do, help you succeed.  If you have any other questions that you need answered feel free to send them  All of our answers come from our knowledge base and U.S. citizen’s and possibly your future clients.  We ask so you can have the answers.


4 Responses to The International Patient Series

  1. You got fantastic nice ideas there. I made a research on the topic and got most peoples will agree with your blog.

  2. Nice services offered by you. I hope you will extend your services better than this and run with success. Thanks for posting

  3. Thank you! I really appreciate your article, in fact I think you deserve a thumbs up.

  4. Guru Prasad says:

    Very useful indeed. It equips us with what to look forward to,we facilitators are normally engrossed in our own end to end MT help that we forget why a customer
    failed to respond inspire of all the right and sincere answers. This blog helps us fine tune and upgrade our services to the expectation of a deserving customer/patient.

    Thanks…Guru Prasad//V.P. Neptune Health Care.Bangalore/India

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