What does a U.S. Patient really think when they hear treatment is available outside the U.S.?

This is a commonly asked question when visiting with our network of providers from around the world.  Looking to supply our providers with the answer, Medical Tourism Connection took to the U.S. streets.

U.S. patients are the driving force behind the future expansion of medical tourism; being focused on understanding the needs and wants of the U.S. patient is the very best way to establish a rewarding avenue for future referrals.    Good patient references are a common goal which every facility strives to achieve; this is especially true in the medical tourism industry, past patient praise is your medical tourism department’s bread and butter.

Global healthcare access has been a need driven necessity of patients in several countries for many years.  This is healthcare travel that is solely based on the mandatory requirement of utilizing travel to receive care.  Learning the pattern of the U.S. Patient market is different for most global healthcare facilities due to the patient’s ability to access a local provider for treatment.  Patients thoughts concerning the newly found information about global access to healthcare will continue to change, develop and even surprise.  When it comes to answering what will the U.S. Patients true needs be when considering your services it is best to simply ask the patient.

The following list is some of the responses we received when we asked patients” what do you really think about global healthcare?”

1.       Treatment outside of the U.S, can it really be safe to travel for medical care?

2.       Finding a facility would be impossible; I would not even know where to start!

3.       I had no idea that treatment was available, how can I find out if the treatment is available, are the treatments as good as I would receive in the U.S.?

4.       I have never traveled outside of the U.S., I would not know anyone and I only speak English, I definitely would want a U.S. company to help arrange my treatment.

5.       How and where are the doctors trained?  Are they real doctors?  How would I be able to know?

6.       Where would I stay? I would feel much safer if the facility would tell me where to stay, what to do and what not to do while I am there for treatment.  Do they do that?

7.       Will someone meet me at the airport to help me make my appointments and find my way around?  Would I be alone or does the facility help me through the process?

8.       How do I pay? I would not want to send money out of the country to someone I do not know.

9.       I know someone who has traveled for medical care, but they had traveled to the country before, can I receive treatment without visiting first? It seems like it would be difficult to set everything up.

10.   I would never walk up to a hospital and get treatment without doing some research such as accreditation. Do people really do this?

As a facility you may already be familiar with this list or have your own list, very similar to it. You may also hope that answering the same questions, on a daily basis, it would eventually reward you with a reduction of inquisitions.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result”

Unfortunately in the medical tourism industry you have the following two positions, you are overrun, or you will soon be overrun with wasted resources, resolutions and responses to patient inquiries that do not relate to the actual treatment and at the same time hinder you from providing service.   While being able to field most of the questions with a bevy of emails and a few phone calls; the results may still be that you never yield a qualified patient.

“The definition of an unqualified medical tourism patient is answering 200 emails, with no patient results”

In my opinion you cannot operate (or should you ever have to) a successful medical tourism department without a great medical tourism solution!

If you and your staff are still battling these issues or trying to find your way to attracting patients, let us help while saving you time and money.

The Shameless PLUG:  Let Medical Tourism Connection deliver U.S. Patients without the above concerns; Practice medicine to your best ability and we cans create the industry together along with the access and patient management needed to insure safe effective patient delivery…..

Summary:  Most of our “on the street” potential U.S. patients have never heard of medical tourism as a solution to their healthcare needs.  Medical Tourism Connection markets the industry and makes access to your facility, as well as thousands more just like yours, as common and easy as ordering pizza.  You are INVISIBLE if our financially qualified patients do not know you are there.

About The Author: Neil Fettig is the C.E.O. of Medical Tourism Connection the world’s largest medical tourism global healthcare network. He has an extensive background in business, marketing and as a healthcare provider. Through his network he allows medical facilities the ability to access and manage millions of financially qualified patients using a free software system. Medical Tourism Connection allows facilities to focus their full attention to providing high quality care.


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