How do you reach the U.S. market whether big or small if you are far away? How can you be seen?

The moon is 384,400 kilometers in distance from the earth, but even though we can see it and it seems very familiar it will be a journey we will never make. Medical tourism seems just as far away to many of the U.S. patients seeking high quality treatment from a facility so very far from their U.S. home, that it would equate to a journey to the moon.

Facilities see the U.S. medical tourism patient, also known as the international patient, often times as either the occasional ex-pat living locally as a resident, or as an occasional unexpected visitor who finds their way as misfortune of happenstance on their vacation. This type of medical tourism is more reflective of an international patient than of the medical tourism patient who has deliberately planned a journey for a medical procedure or treatment as the main reason for visiting your facility.

Many facilities gain notice by utilizing the U.S. accreditation process, such as JCI. I know many of you have already completed or are currently in the preparation process for receiving U.S. medical tourism patients. Planning and preparing the infrastructure to receive the U.S. medical tourism patient may be as close as some facilities will ever get to a successful medical tourism department, this easily occurs without selecting the right way to be seen. Remember, getting noticed gets you attention and getting patients in the door gets you a solid medical tourism department.

Do not only be seen, be seen as a medical tourism destination!

Being seen as a medical tourism destination is a great way to let your future medical tourism patients know that you will be part of their healthcare solution, but just being seen seldom has anything to do with creating the final action (booking treatment) that turns potential patient into a treated patient.

A facility that has worked hard at being noticed by the U.S. patients may never be in the reach of patients in such a way that will make them take action and schedule a treatment visit.

By opening your medical tourism offerings to the U.S. market and making your facility easily approachable you will be seen as a medical tourism destination. The right venue has everything to do with your facilities ability to be seen from far away and entering into the right U.S. market. A U.S. patient can rarely afford or will commit to dedicating the hours of research needed to determine if your facility accepts U.S. patients and begin the course of action required for booking. Most U.S. patients will find it difficult to even find you on a map, the geography alone may turn away a patient who is unsure that they would even be able to find the correct airport.

(Ready for the Medical Tourism Connection shameless plug?) To be seen, whether you are big or small, will require you to have the right connection to the patient. Medical Tourism Connection is the right connection, or rocket ship, that will transport patients to your facility even when you seem as far away as the moon. Imagine, if you will, an Internet dedicated solely to medical tourism, such as the case with Medical Tourism Connection which has its own loyal customer base of qualified medical tourism patients. Wouldn’t belonging to this dedicated network make it much easier, whether you are big or small, for you to be seen?

Let Medical Tourism Connection showcase your facility and high quality healthcare to the U.S. patient. We are the largest patient driven network of its kind with one goal; to provide the best patient care available to the U.S. medical tourism patient.

*Rockets to the moon sold separately.

About the author: Neil Fettig is the C.E.O of Medical Tourism Connection, the world’s largest global healthcare network. He has an extensive background in business, marketing and as a healthcare provider. Through his network he allows medical facilities the ability to access and manage millions of financially qualified patients using a free software system. Medical Tourism Connection allows facilities to focus their full attention to providing high quality care.


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