The Stem Cell Institute

Stem cells show potential for many different areas of health and medical research. Although a controversial concept in the United States,The Stem Cell Institute, located in Panama City, Panama , advocates for the less controversial use of adult stem cells to help cure chronic diseases.

The Stem Cell Institute primarily helps treat patients with chronic diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy, Diabetes Type 2, heart failure, Osteoarthritis, Degenerative Joint Disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis and spinal cord injuries. Stem cells are regenerative cells, cells that lead to the creation of new, healthier cells. Since taken directly from the patient, stem cells act as an internal repair system, either by becoming different cell types or by repairing damaged tissue.

Run by highly trained specialists, most of whom were educated and trained in the United States, The Stem Cell Institute welcomes patients from around the world to take part in this up-and-coming treatment that can better and even save patients’ lives. The staff and doctors at The Stem Cell Institute show great interest and care for their patients and for the ethical and legal guidelines of the industry. All stem cells used are processed by the standards of the Current Good Tissue Practices in a cutting-edge facility that is certified by the Ministry of Health of Panama .

Panama’s “Americanized” culture, close proximity to the U.S., use of the U.S. dollar and high quality facilities and physicians make it one of the most popular medical tourism destinations among Americans. The similarities between Panama and the United States make American patients feel more comfortable and safe traveling abroad to receive a procedure.

The Stem Cell Institute not only gives its patients hope for a brighter future, but also the opportunity to visit Central America’s newest hot spot and Panama’s capital city, Panama City . As well as being a contemporary city, Panama City is also one of the safest in Central America, which is a major concern for patients thinking about traveling abroad. The city has many attractions to offer its tourists, from the Old Quarter which has many restaurants, the Interoceanic Canal Museum, and cathedrals, to the Panama Canal which is just a short trip away.

Chronic diseases hace increased dramatically, accounting for nearly 75 percent of the nation’s annual $2 trillion health expenditures, yet the option for stem cell treatment is still new in the United States. If you or someone you know is looking for an alternative option to help treat a chronic disease let Medical Tourism Connection help. Medical Tourism Connection is proud to have The Stem Cell Institute and Panama as a destination for your medical needs.


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