Do all U.S. patients need healthcare? Maybe…

At the age of 128, Elizabeth (Ma Pampo) Israel was considered one of the world’s oldest living people. Although Elizabeth was not a citizen of the U.S. it would be safe to say, and more than a fair guess, that she would have shown a need for some form of healthcare in her life.

Healthcare and its participation in everyone’s life, which may be as simple as taking an aspirin or as critical as the need for a life saving procedure, is a forever present part of the human being. As an industry, healthcare is entering an evolutionary period beginning with an upwardly, exponentially expanding level of science, which is just as aggressively followed by an increase in the patient’s desire for finding access to high levels of healthcare. Even though 128 years ago many of the treatments that were commonly practiced, and even highly sought out, may not have been the most advantageous to the healing of the sick, the need for care was still the same. At one time or another we all will have a healthcare need requiring access to high quality healthcare. This is a fact that will touch upon everyone’s life at one point or another.

As a U.S. citizen, it may seem as though every conceivable need that you could possibly require could be readily met without having to cross a border. That sense of security may be true for some, or even the majority, but let’s take a closer look at some of the current issues which may not be so transparent to the U.S. patient’s needs concerning healthcare.

Somewhere around 55 million Americans are currently uninsured, and the best guess is that number is about double that when it comes to under-insured. Of the 300 million Americans populating the United States, most are limited in some way, or restricted from many of the newer medicines, such as stem cell treatment and other proven treatments that are widely accepted but still, as of yet, unapproved by the FDA. In addition, U.S. patients are currently unsure whether the clinical procedure alone is really all there is to meeting their healthcare needs. Can a patient that is only educated in a system of insurance rationed care be assured that all of their healthcare needs are recognized?

This is where I want to take the time to look at healthcare with a 360 degree view. What is healthcare, and is it only needed when an insurance company prescribes it?

All U.S. patients truly do need healthcare!

Be it a major procedure, minor procedure, cosmetic, wellness, invasive or any other level of care, the treatment of the condition is necessary. The treatment of the patient should never be secondary or left out entirely. A majority of U.S. patients currently feel that they are receiving care at a lower doctor/patient relationship level than ever before. A majority of U.S. doctors, at no fault of their own, are unable to spend the time to completely treat the whole patient in the manner at which they would like to practice. A rushed, overburdened U.S. healthcare system may have no choice but to rely on the medical tourism industry to help alleviate this overstressed system.

As a patient in need of immediate and lifesaving care you would want to have every healthcare option available within your means and ability. As a patient in need of preventative or wellness care, you would like to know that every option is a possibility. The current U.S. system of healthcare is not based on preventative and preemptive care.

A U.S. patient in good standing of their healthcare needs now, may be in danger of lesser or no access to healthcare tomorrow.

(Welcome to the part where I introduce the shameless plug!) Put your facility on course with the Medical Tourism Connection’s solution to the growing concerns about the current healthcare market in the U.S. I have (literally) made it my business to let every U.S. patient in need of healthcare access know about your business. Your facilities care is the best resource that a U.S. patient in need of quality affordable healthcare can know about.

Your facility and your care are important to us. At no time will it matter if you are the largest or smallest provider of high quality care. Our U.S. patients determine individually when selecting their provider of care. Medical Tourism Connection is here to provide you a no cost “Instant medical tourism department”. Join us in letting the U.S. patient know where to access their needed healthcare.

About the author: Neil Fettig is the CEO of Medical Tourism Connection, the world’s largest global healthcare network. He has an extensive background in business, marketing and as a healthcare provider. Through this network he allows medical facilities the ability to access and manage millions of financially qualified patients using a free software system. Medical Tourism Connection allows facilities to focus their full attention to providing high quality care.


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