As a facility outside of the U.S. do you really want to take U.S. insurance?

Insurance; the word itself brings to mind thoughts of a large powerful corporation housed in a multi-story building at the top of a hill surrounded by flags atop poles firmly planted amidst a well manicured lawn. Insurance companies are most commonly recognized as the deciding managers of costly care for the sick in need of care. Insurance companies have sole responsibility for the payment of compensation to the healthcare provider. That is a lot of power for a corporation who has never met the patient or the doctor!

As a hospital, clinic or doctor your focus is curing the patient. Understanding U.S. based insurance is big business and you should know that your status as caregiver may be viewed as “out of network” or “unknown provider”.

How will you be looked upon? Are you willing to turn control of your fees over to the acceptance of “usual and customary” payment schedules? Do you trust that you will be paid within 90 days? Do you have a capable billing department that is familiar with U.S. insurance billing practices? For those of you who answered yes to the above questions my hat goes off to you. Ten years of billing U.S. insurance as a U.S. medical provider, I never made it to the level of no worries when it came to the concern of the rejected claim. However, with hard work, perseverance and enough billing staff to navigate the appeals process, anything is possible given enough time.

Turn your focus to the U.S. patient and their desire to remove the barriers to healthcare. The care you provide is valuable and many times life-saving. Connecting the patient with the care is together our goal, and as a business you must have a fair and reasonable compensation to ensure that care will continue to be available for the next person in need. What you do not need is the burden and bureaucracy of restricting care by the cumbersome paperwork and difficulties most commonly associated with third party payment. Why not accept payment from the patient if the patient is willing to provide payment upfront?

In even clearer words…..

“Cash is King when it comes to running a successful practice”

Look for a patient that has the necessary funds and who is ready and willing to pay for the healing care they need. This patient relies on you as their healthcare provider. This patient is your true customer.

(Here is the part where I need your full attention AND I introduce my shameless plug!) Put your facility on course with Medical Tourism Connection’s solution to the growing concerns about the current healthcare market in the U.S. I have (literally) made it my business to let every U.S. patient in need of healthcare access know about your business. Your facilities’ care is the best resource that a U.S. patient in need of quality affordable healthcare can know about.

Your facility and your care are important to us. At no time will it matter if you are the largest or the smallest provider of high quality care. Medical Tourism Connection is here to provide you, at no cost, your “Instant medical tourism department”. Join us in letting the U.S. patient know where to access their needed healthcare.

About the author: Neil Fettig is the C.E.O of Medical Tourism Connection, the world’s largest global healthcare network. He has an extensive background in business, marketing and as a healthcare provider. Through this network he allows medical facilities the ability to access and manage millions of financially qualified patients using a free software system. Medical Tourism Connection allows facilities to focus their full attention to providing high quality care.


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