Who Can Benefit from Medical Tourism? Everyone!

Many wonder what kind of people can benefit from using medical tourism? Well, honestly, anyone and everyone. Medical tourism is a growing trend right now because of the current health care and economic crisis, but regardless if you have been affected by those two things, medical tourism can benefit anyone and everyone. Here are just a few people who are utilizing and benefiting from medical tourism and Medical Tourism Connection:


  1. Uninsured and underinsured. Obviously, these medical tourists need to find the most affordable, yet still high quality, procedure available, and they sure aren’t going to find that in the U.S. Medical tourists can save up to 90% on procedures abroad without having to discount the quality of care they receive. For example, Lasik eye surgery in the U.S. is approximately $4,500 for both eyes depending on the prescription. With a Medical Tourism Connection membership, members can receive Lasik for $550 for both eyes for any prescription. That’s a real cost savings!
  2. People with HSAs and FSAs. A lot of people have money in their accounts that they never use, and by the end of the year if they or their family haven’t gotten sick enough that money is taken away. What a waste! So, why not put that money towards a family vacation in Costa Rica where everyone can get their teeth whitened? That’s just what many people with HSAs and FSAs are doing. I wouldn’t let my money go to waste either.
  3. People looking for procedures not offered in the U.S. A lot of foreign countries have been doing procedures unapproved by the FDA for years, such as stem cell therapy, hip resurfacing, and certain cancer treatments. If people can’t get the procedure done here in the states, they take off to a country that they can get it done in.
  4. Insured. I know you wouldn’t think that the insured would travel abroad when they could go to the doctor down the street, but the doctor down the street isn’t always the most qualified. Some insurance companies will even work with you when traveling abroad to receive a procedure, so why not take advantage of it? They want to save money, you want to save money, everyone wins! I mean, who wouldn’t want to travel abroad to receive a procedure, have a relaxing recovery for as long as needed, then go lay out on the beach or take in the culture of the country you are in?
  5. Peace of mind seekers. People always want a back-up plan in case something goes wrong. Why do you have AAA? In case your car fails you and you end up stranded somewhere. Why do you buy life insurance? In case something happens to you, you want your family to be secure. Same goes for a Medical Tourism Connection membership. You want it in case something out of your hands happens to you or one of your family members. For instance, your insurance fails you. You run into financial troubles. You know there’s a better procedure available abroad than being offered to you in the U.S. With a Medical Tourism Connection membership, members can have that peace of mind knowing that if any of those things happen to them, they have another option.


All in all, EVERYONE can benefit from medical tourism. It will save you thousands of dollars while still giving you the same, if not better quality care that you would receive in the U.S. Not to mention you also get a little vacation out of the deal. Medical Tourism Connection is the largest U.S. based medical tourism network in the world. Having spent years of research and commitment, Medical Tourism Connection offers its members access to a world of international hospitals, doctors, dentists, clinics etc. with just a few clicks of the mouse. Check out http://www.medicaltourismconnection to learn more!


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