Hassle Free Scheduling with Medical Tourism Connection

The medical tourism industry is gaining momentum as more and more Americans are traveling outside of the United States to receive medical, cosmetic and dental care. It is predicted that a total of 7.5 million people will utilize medical tourism by this year.

With the current healthcare and economic crisis, many people are looking for different options to save money and receive quality healthcare. Patients have realized that in order to receive affordable healthcare, without compromising the quality or medical standards, that traveling abroad is a good solution.

When scheduling a procedure abroad, many people don’t know where to start. Doing all the research, planning and searching the Internet high and low for qualified doctors and hospitals can take many hours, days or even weeks to find, and you don’t want to put your health in just anyone’s hands. The whole process can be very overwhelming and eventually people just give up, but with the help of Medical Tourism Connection you can find qualified doctors, hospitals and procedures with just the few clicks of the mouse.

Medical Tourism Connection, the world’s largest U.S. based medical tourism network, offers its members access to hospitals, doctors and clinics in over 315 cities throughout 65 countries. Members utilize Medical Tourism Connection as a search engine to help narrow down their medical tourism needs. Searching is made easy for members by letting them search the network by procedure, doctor, facility, or country. Don’t worry about the qualifications of the doctor or facility you have chosen either. Doctors and facilities fill out profiles in the system so you can see their bios, specialties, accreditation and credentials.

After scheduling your trip through Medical Tourism Connection, all members receive a printable detailed itinerary for their upcoming trip. The itinerary includes a picture of the doctor, name and contact information of the hospital and hotel, as well as your flight information. Oh, and don’t worry about transportation to and from the airport, hotel and hospital, the hospital will arrange for someone to transport you.

So, rather than spending hours, days or even weeks trying to schedule your procedure, accommodations and transportation abroad, let Medical Tourism Connection do all of the work for you. Check out www.medicaltourismconneciton.com for more information.


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