Make Your Health Care Dollar Go Ten Times Further

Everyone needs health care, and everyone wants health care that they can afford. Medical Tourism Connection’s mission is to make your health care dollar go up to ten times farther, or more.

Just by traveling abroad to receive a high quality medical, cosmetic, dental or vision procedure you are multiplying your health care dollar. Medical tourism can save you between 22 to 88 percent on any procedure the world has to offer. The world is the only limit to available procedures and treatments, and many people don’t know that.

Medical Tourism Connection is the largest medical tourism network in the world with providers and hospitals located in over 315 cities throughout 65 countries. Researching, scheduling and booking a procedure abroad is made easy with the one-of-a-kind Medical Tourism Connection software system that allows members to search the network by doctor, procedure or country.

The difference between Medical Tourism Connection and other services is that the membership can be preventative and proactive. Meaning, you don’t have to wait for something negative to happen to you or your family before you can use it. Members can get wellness screenings, consult with doctors, find out what treatment options are available, get price quotes, book procedures and choose facilities that can produce better outcomes than if you had not had the membership.

It has taken Neil Fettig, CEO and Founder of Medical Tourism Connection, 13 years to construct and plan what may very well be one of the fastest growing industries of the decade. After ten years of operating his medical supply store as part of the health care problem, he decided it was time to be part of the solution. Traveling from country to country, hospital to hospital, making sure everyone’s needs were met whether they be a provider or a patient, over the course of 13 years only solidifies the credibility and commitment of Fettig and Medical Tourism Connection.

“There is much to be said for the benefits of medical tourism,” Fettig said. “From gaining the peace of mind with this viable alternative, you not only receive high quality medical treatment at a low-cost, you also open up to a whole new world of health and care.”


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