2011 Health & Wellness Expo

Medical Tourism Connection traveled to Addison, Texas this past weekend to participate in the 2011 Health & Wellness Expo. For two days we mingled with fellow vendors and attendees about the great benefits of a Medical Tourism Connection membership.

Over the course of the weekend we had many cheers, many smiles and many questions about our membership and the medical tourism industry. With smiles we answered every question thrown our way and even turned some skeptics into believers. With the help of some of our Advocates, Jeff Barnes and Randy McDaniel, we were also able to sign up many new members who were excited to get into the system to check it out.

People loved Medical Tourism Connection. They had never heard of anything like it before and were intrigued by the company. The majority believed that the U.S. healthcare system is in a state of insanity and that consumer driven healthcare, or medical tourism to them, was the route many Americans were going to start taking. They loved all of the features of the membership, but were especially enamored with the idea that all of the work is done for them. The fact that Medical Tourism Connection is a one stop shop for their medical needs, and they wouldn’t have to spend hours, days or even weeks searching for qualified medical providers on their own. They especially loved it when we told them that we don’t just let any medical provider into our system. We have a certain criteria and standard that we hold our medical providers too.

Overall the weekend was great! We signed up some new members, spread the word about medical tourism, and turned skeptics into believers.


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