Medical Tourism Connection Has Major Success at Santa Fe Youth 5k

Medical Tourism Connection took part in the 1st Annual 5k for Santa Fe April 30. The event, hosted at Lower Trinity Lake in Ft. Worth, Texas, helped raise money for local youth organizations in the Ft. Worth area.

The weekend was a total success for Medical Tourism Connection and Advocate Lita Regala who signed up many new members into the system. Medical Tourism Connection worked all morning handing out “Got Medical Tourism” bracelets, koozies and information to participants and spectators of the race. Many of whom were interested in how the membership worked, what destinations they can go to, and how they could get started.

“The 5k for Santa Fe was a lot of fun. There was a lot of people interested in the membership,” Member Relations Manager, Angela Bailey said. “Doing events like this is great for Medical Tourism Connection. It brings us a lot of attention and we get to help people better understand what medical tourism is.”

The race helped raise money for local youth groups, as well as rose awareness about the medical tourism industry and Medical Tourism Connection. Medical Tourism Connection hopes to participate in as many events as possible to help spread the word about the medical tourism industry. Along the way we hope to sign up many new members and help them get started on their medical tourism journey.

With the easier functionality of the site, we know many people will utilize their memberships and travel abroad to save thousands of dollars while receiving high quality healthcare from our top-notch, specifically selected medical facilities.


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