What is Medical Tourism?

Medical Tourism Train

Medical tourism: also known as medical travel, health tourism, global healthcare

What is medical tourism? This is a question I get on a daily basis, which always seems to turn into a lengthy conversation. I’m always happy to talk about it because I believe it to be the healthcare for my generation. The short answer is that medical tourism (also called medical travel, health tourism or global healthcare) is travelling outside of the country to obtain medical care.

Now if you are the bright inquisitive type, that simple sentence just sparked quite a few questions.

One question you might have is who would travel for healthcare? Well, you already do. We already travel here in the USA for healthcare with what you call domestic medical tourism. It may only be 20 minutes to another town, or a few states over to a specialist but the best care for you is not always your next door neighbor. Just wait until you hear about the savings with medical tourism.

Shop medical tourism

Why not shop the best healthcare for you?

We shop around for everything here in the USA, whether it be for a TV, internet service or electricity we search for the best value for our money. All our principles seem to be thrown out the window when it comes to healthcare. There is no Amazon to hop onto and read reviews and compare surgeons, no Google shopping, no doctorshop.com site.

I am in my 20’s, you could say the beginning of the technology generation. Our current health system does not make sense to me. I cannot fathom how I would find the best hospital let alone the best doctor for me here in the USA. The information has never been organized, it is still done by the old-fashioned word of mouth here. If I can’t figure it out here how would I possibly be able to utilize medical tourism?

Well that is exactly what they do at Medical Tourism Connection. They have put everything together in such a simple way that I feel more comfortable travelling to world-class facilities to get my health and care. The entire world is going global, are you?

-Tom Jung, Manager of Field Operations, Curatio Global August, 2011


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  1. […] it comes to searching for the right medical tourism facility and doctor for you, Medical Tourism Connection is your 21st century medical tourism search […]

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