Independent Insurance Agents Struggle to find Clients Affordable Healthcare Solutions.

Medical tourism is now being offered by independent insurance agents as a primary source to local and foreign healthcare.  Mr. Terry Curtin from Phoenix, Arizona has seen the decline in affordable healthcare as a major stumbling block in the insurance field, as well as a growing client concern, escalate over the last decade.

“Access to affordable healthcare may not even be plausible for many of the un-insured who can’t afford a high monthly premium. Today even the insured are struggling with the reduction of policy coverage and the final cost of paying for a treatment. Clients want to find the most affordable way to get to a doctor and people are genuinely scared of the final costs associated with medical and dental. Many people are turning to consumer driven healthcare to simply pay as they go and it’s working very well for my business and my clients.”

Mr. Curtin also stated that the addition of the Medical Tourism Connection program has rejuvenated his business by offering an option every family can afford and the 100% acceptance to the member based savings program makes everyone qualified. In addition he stated that over the next decade he sees globalized healthcare as an integral part of an ever expanding world economy.

Medical Tourism Connection is now accepting agents who are interested in adding the medical tourism solution for affordable healthcare to their portfolio.  Agents interested in the program may contact Medical Tourism Connection via their for more information, or 888-595 3775.


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