Medical Tourism Connection Announces Big Growth with their Global Healthcare Program, 3rd Quarter Revenue is up 390% over Previous Quarter’s Revenue.

Medical tourism is now in the reach of individuals and families by being offered through independent insurance agents as a primary source to local and global healthcare.  The combination of global healthcare advocate with an independent insurance agent background and training is fueling the growth of the Medical Tourism Connection membership program.  Medical Tourism Connection, C.E.O. Neil Fettig stated that independent agents are eager to add a lower cost healthcare program to their portfolio and are embracing medical tourism; this makes the program a perfect fit for the already healthcare familiar agent.  The marketing success of the Medical Tourism Connection Advocate program has been attracting licensed insurance agents to take part in the new industry trend.

“I knew we were off to a great start this year with a moderate growth rate which we expected, but I did not expect the growth to be as fast as the previous quarter delivered.  We are able to handle exponential growth with ease, it just came quicker than we predicted and until we ran the numbers we had no idea that it was going to be such a high percentage topping 390%.  That gives us an even larger target to shoot at for next quarter; it is very exciting and I would not be surprised if we can achieve a four digit growth rate in the very near future.” stated Fettig.

The company, now in its fourth year, credits a proprietary software system designed in house as the support system allowing sustainable growth and making this company the industry leader.  This type of preparation and forward thinking will payoff for this fast growing company in the short run and for many years into the future.

Medical Tourism Connection is now accepting agents who are interested in adding the medical tourism solution for affordable healthcare to their portfolio. Individuals and agents interested in the program may contact Medical Tourism Connection via their website for more information, or  888-595 3775.


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