Doctors may quit accepting Medicare patients.

Healthcare Crisis Continues

The Healthcare Crisis Continues - Doctors may stop treating Medicare Patients. Fort Worth Star-Telegram Ocober 7, 2011

Startling headlines like this and the one in the photo are appearing more often in the media. If you don’t think you are in the middle of a healthcare crisis it’s time to wake up.

Since 2001 medicare spending has continued to surpass targets resulting in a debt that has grown to $350 billion. Unfortunately the lack of funding is getting passed down to the very people who are trying to give the care. With the upcoming cut in reimbursement payments for medicare, doctors will face another 29.6% cut to pay their own bills.

In the article Dr. Bruce Malone from the Texas Medical Association stated, “That [the upcoming bill] would be a major crisis for doctors. We love our Medicare patients, and the last thing we want to do is have to stop taking care of them because we physically can’t do it and survive.”

He goes on to say, “Essentially what it costs us to run our practice is 120 percent  of what Medicare reimburses. It’s already essentially subsidized. If you take that and then drop 30% off it, there comes a point where it is just not viable.”

It’s becoming more important in this broken healthcare system to have an alternative option when someone says no.  Medical Tourism Connection is that solution that Americans have been asking for.  We welcome you with open arms and the world welcomes you with open arms.

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