Prescription Savings Testimonial

John S.

John prescription savings with the Medical Tourism Connection program was over $115 with one prescription!

As an advocate for Medical Tourism Connection and recognizing that this was a terrific opportunity, I joined the membership and business program.

It couldn’t had come at a better time; even though my wife and I have health insurance.  I would like to share the reason why… the other evening I went to an urgent care center  for a spider bite, it was badly infected and the doctor prescribed an antibiotic.  I left and went to a CVS pharmacy to fill my prescription; I took the opportunity to ask the pharmacist if she could check what the difference in cost was to purchase the prescription with no insurance, my insurance card and the domestic medical tourism savings card that came with my Medical Tourism Connection membership program.  To my surprise, the antibiotic price with no insurance or domestic medical tourism savings card would have been $129.00.
With my insurance I had an out of pocket expense of $6.29, now, are you ready for what happened next….the pharmacist shocked me when she told me that the price of the prescription with the domestic medical tourism savings card was $13.85….that is a savings of $115.15 with no insurance just by having my domestic medical tourism card!
The interesting point here is that Medical Tourism Connection membership program costs only $49.95 a month for my wife and I.
In contrast to this, we pay $742.00 a month for health insurance for two. With that said, I may, in the near future, consider dropping the insurance in favor of an HSA account and a very high deductible catastrophic insurance of maybe a deductible of $10,000.  After all, in one year of savings at $742.00 a month I would have $8904.00 in my HSA in just one year.  Just imagine if we had good health for the next 5 – 10 years.  WOW! WOULD THAT BE A GREAT SAVINGS!

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