How many patients can you handle in 2012?

An anxious medical tourism marketing reality is setting in for facilities seeking the U.S. patient.  Staffing your international patient department with top notch service agents is not enough to attract the volume of patients required to sustain a financially viable medical tourism department.

Your medical facility needs a direct marketing approach to the patient along with a deep connection that will last a lifetime.  People have been referring doctors to friends and family for years as a way of helping others in need.  Your facility needs a friend to refer your services as a proven marketing resource.

Medical Tourism Connection has been providing service since 2007 and building a stronger relationship between the provider and patient than anywhere else available, or with any other marketing service.  If you have all the patients you can handle already scheduled for 2012 than you probably won’t need our services.  For the rest of you I invite you to take a look at everything we can offer you.  It’s free to look, it’s free to join and it’s free to receive patients!

If you do one thing for your medical tourism business in 2011 make sure it is to join Medical Tourism Connection for all of your marketing needs.   To receive more information contact us at

“You have a patient waiting”


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