Welcome to Medical Tourism Connection – the fastest – growing Global Health Care Network in the world. Visit our website at www.medicaltourismconnection.com!

We are hard at work everyday marketing to patients who need the care offered by the facilities who are enrolled with us. Our system of referring patients is done in a way that makes global healthcare management safe and easy, both for the Provider as well as for the patient. Working hard to provide you with financially qualified patients in need of Global Healthcare is our #1 goal.

There is no enrollment fee, and you will never pay us for a patient referral. Sign up your international medical or dental facility to receive financially qualified Patients.

Here’s what we do for your facility:
-Market your facility to financially qualified patients
-Market the best care and treatment your facility offers
-Introduce your facility to new patients in need of your service
-Provide organized patient management
-Provide you and the patient outstanding customer service and support staff
-Select the patients that will best fit your medical tourism business model;medically and financially
-We do the booking so you can focus 100% on healthcare and treating the patient

“You Have A Patient Waiting”

Are you ready for a medical tourism solution? It’s easy and free! Join today by e-mailing us at:


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