Medical Tourism Connection frequently publishes articles on their facilities and the strides they are making to improve healthcare.  We hope in your quest to find care we will open your eyes to great facilities you may not have considered before.

Rikota Dental Center
“Rikota Dental Centre holds high standards throughout the facility for sanitation and quality dental treatment. They claim to provide the best quality dental treatments when compared to the United Kingdom, Ireland, & other nearby European countries. In addition to providing quality healthcare, Rikota fully guarantees all their work using certified materials approved in countries like Germany, Switzerland, Italy, & the United States. ”
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Centro de Oftalmología Monterrey
“At the foothills of the Sierra Madre Oriental mountain range, Mexico’s third largest city is not only home to some of the best medical facilities in the country but also Dr. Rogelio Villarreal of the Centro de Oftalmología Monterrey.”
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Nova Dental
“A smile makeover is a life changing process and Nova Dental, a full service Dental Clinic located in San Jose, Costa Rica, has been recognized by The Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care International accreditation program for its superior work in dentistry.”
Read the full article.

The Stem Cell Institute
“Stem cells show potential for many different areas of health and medical research. Although a controversial concept in the United States, The Stem Cell Institute, located in Panama City, Panama, advocates for the less controversial use of adult stem cells to help cure chronic diseases.”
Read the full article.

Rotunda — The Center for Human Reproduction
“Raising a family is a common dream for most couples. Rotunda — The Center for Human Reproduction’s mission is to keep hope within those who are faced with the obstacles of infertility.”
Read the full article.


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