The International Patient

As the worlds largest global healthcare network we are often asked many questions about marketing to patients and how to get them to come to your facility.  There are many misconceptions in this industry about how to gain and retain international patients, especially U.S. patients.  We are publishing a series of articles that will tackle each of the questions that are frequently asked.   We know that these articles will benefit any facility looking to increase their international patient volume.

The International Patient Series
“As part of Medical Tourism Connection’s pledge to the betterment of services and the advancement of the global healthcare industry, we are publishing the answers to many of the questions asked to us by medical facilities and providers on a daily basis…”
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What would keep a U.S. patient from choosing your facility?
“Every provider wonders about the next patient, it is the why and how of the driving force used to operate your practice.  Where will your next patient come from?  In many cases it is an unfortunate and often immediate occurrence dealt by life that brings to you your next client.  In the global healthcare industry there is a high possibility he or she could be from the U.S., as a U.S. patient and accompanied with unlimited questions and expectations of what he or she will receive from enlisting your service.”
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What does a U.S. Patient really think when they hear treatment is available outside the U.S.?
“U.S. patients are the driving force behind the future expansion of medical tourism; being focused on understanding the needs and wants of the U.S. patient is the very best way to establish a rewarding avenue for future referrals. Good patient references are a common goal which every facility strives to achieve; this is especially true in the medical tourism industry, past patient praise is your medical tourism department’s bread and butter.”
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How do you reach the U.S. market whether big or small if you are far away? How can you be seen?
“The moon is 384,400 kilometers in distance from the earth, but even though we can see it and it seems very familiar it will be a journey we will never make. Medical tourism seems just as far away to many of the U.S. patients seeking high quality treatment from a facility so very far from their U.S. home, that it would equate to a journey to the moon.”
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Do all U.S. patients need healthcare? Maybe…
“At the age of 128, Elizabeth (Ma Pampo) Israel was considered one of the world’s oldest living people. Although Elizabeth was not a citizen of the U.S. it would be safe to say, and more than a fair guess, that she would have shown a need for some form of healthcare in her life.”
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